The National house of chiefs President and Paramount Chief of Sefwi Anhwiaso traditional area Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi is desperately pushing for a Fraudulent act to gazette Kelvin Abia Tackie as Ga Mantse to please his pay master.

The meeting at the national house of chiefs on the 29th of September, 2021 revealed that members of the House are desperately pushing for the Gazette of Kelvin Tackie also know as King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, as claimant to the Ga Mantse throne.

The act which is ongoing today the 30th September, 2021 is likely to spark fire and cause mayhem in the Ga State and the capital of Accra is currently going on in Kumasi in the conference room of the National house of chiefs in Kumasi.

The National house is chief President Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi is very much aware that there are currently four pending legal cases in court Against Kelvin Tackie but yet trying to defile all odds to disregard the courts processes and all legal implications to force to accept and gazette Kelvin Tackie into the National house of chiefs as Ga Mantse even though there are two cases in the Regional house of chiefs, the Tema high Court, the Kumasi high Court, all of which are in the process of hearing and yet to be ruled upon.

But the President of the house is bent on creating chaos and confusion in the Ga State as he stand to be the architect and engineer to facilitate the process of the unlawful gazette for the said claimant to the Ga Mantse throne Kelvin Tackie.

Sources close to the National house of chiefs has confirmed that the Research Committee in a sitting yesterday disagree and refused the decision of the President of the National house Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi to insert the name of the said Claimant to the Ga Mantse throne Kelvin Tackie but again called to the standing Committee to go into the matter which was accepted because he knew very well that all grounds have been solidly prepared to accept that decision.

But the issue which is serious blander seemed to have a negative effect should the news be carried out to the people of Ga State.

Already the issue of the confusion in the Ga State are pointing accusing fingers to some NPP political influential personalities, like Honourable Adjiri Blankson a council of state member, Lord Commey of the Jubilee house operation, Retired judge Julie Naa Yaaley Sarkodie, Ishmael Ashittey a former Greater Accra Regional Minister, Elizabeth kwaatso Sackey a former deputy regional minister, Chief of Osudoku, Chief of Nungua, Nii Odai Welentsi, Chief of Ada Shwilao, and a host of others.

As at now all signals from the National house of chiefs conference indicate that the house being led by Ogyeahohoo Yaw Gyebi is prepared to do anything in his capacity to force and gazette Kelvin Tackie as Ga Mantse in full disregard and disrespect of the rule of law to gazette Kelvin Tackie as Ga Mantse.

The mind burgling question is what at all do these people stand to gain after pushing for the illegal process of the Gazette of Kelvin Tackie who doesn’t come from the Ga Abola Piam ruling house whose turn it has reached to rule as Ga Mantse.

Sources close to the Greater Accra Regional house of chiefs has secretly reveal alleging the sharing of brand new Toyota land Cruisers to some chiefs of the Greater Accra Regional house of chiefs to push for the Gazette of Kelvin Tackie even though there are four cases pending in both the high Courts and the Regional house of chiefs.

So after pushing for the process to go through what will be the decision of the judges sitting on the various cases in the different courts . It could be recalled that the President of the Ghana Bar Association at the 2021 Bar conference called on judges to be fare in their rulings and Judgement especially in cases of such sensitive nature that could trigger chaos and confusion in the areas of administering justice. Same was the advice of the Chief Justice to his fellow judges.

While the President of the Republic His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa AKUFFO ADDO spoke on revenue mobilization towards Development in the country’s infrastructure and social wellbeing . So again how well can these proposal come into play if the capital of Ghana being Accra is put into such chieftaincy feuds. I stand to be corrected that these people who play the role as leaders and chief do not have the interest of their people at heart but their selfish interest and greedy conduct of love for money and wealth, putting their conscience to sleep and seeking to see confusion erupt in their backwards after they have sat to take bad and negative action in their conference at the National house of chiefs.

These are all forms of security breaches and we pray that the National Security, and all the various Security agencies will immediately call for a cease fire on the unlawful decision being taken by these so called members of the National house of chiefs.

The act by these chiefs are in a way to put the police Administration and the highly undented image of the Newly Appointed Inspector General of Police into disrepute. Because even though the chiefs are very much aware that what they are doing to push for a gazette to the said Kelvin Tackie to become Ga Mantse is very much unlawful, they are doing it in full disregard of the rule of law and should the people of Accra upon hearing that rebel against it, it will be the task of the Police Administration and the worse cenerio could result to clashes in Accra.

But in as much as the police at that point in time will advise the people to seek redress in the court of conpitent jurisdiction , we are calling on them to instill discipline at the National house of chiefs in their decision making process to avoid all these forms of threats to our National Security. We could recall the incidents of the past unlawful installation of a Ga Mantse which brought clashes between the people of Accra and the Police Service, resulting in lost of human lives and damage to property including that of vehicles of the police administration.

The people of Accra and Ga mashie are intermarital related and such decision to push illegitimate self-styled claimant into the position of rightful owners would definitely spark fire in Accra. I humbly pray to all the Security agencies in Ghana to take an immediate attention to what is being done today at the National house of chiefs to create confusion and chaos in the Ga State and the capital as a whole.

By Henry Ayi Addo


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