Nii Tetteh Kwei
Nii Tetteh Kwei

The  Adjabeng Court presided over by Her ladyship Justice Nana Adwoa Serwa Dua Adonteng, has yesterday, ruled in favour  of Nii Tackie Oblie Nii Ayittey Osu III and Nii Ayi Ana Kon teh II Dzaasetse of Abola Tunma We of Nii Ayittey Osu Clan  in a case brought before the Court over the legitimacy of Ga Dzaasetse.

The Judge threw the case out for lack of Jurisdiction.

The matter was affecting Chieftaincy.

Nii Tetteh Kwei and James Town Police Commander Superintendent Alexander Tieku, Commander of the James Town District Police Command of Ghana Police Service, filed the case to execute a Bond against Alhaji Mustapha Ofoli Tackie Oblie, Nii Ayittey Osu of Abola Tunma We and Henry Nii Ayikushie Addo, (Nii Ayi Ana Kon Teh II ) Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse of both Abola  Kpatashie and Abola  Piam.

The judged ruled against the Petitioners on three grounds.

The case was filed by the James Town Police against the three Respondents who are custodians of the Abola Royal Stool Gate of Abola Piam Tunma We of the Ga Mantse throne.

Date 31st March 2021, Justice Nana Adwoa Serwa Dua Adonteng Throws out Ga Paramount Stool Dzaasetse case, Dr. Nii Tetteh Kwei  for lack of Jurisdiction in his attempt to use James Town Police to Bond the Rightful owner of Ga Mantse  throne being the Nii Ayittey Osu Family of Abola Ayi Tunma We Clan (Costodian of the Ga Mantse throne ) from the generational lineage clan of Nii Ayi Kushie who migrated with the People of Ga from the land of Kush.

More revelations to come; Stay tuned


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