The Gborbu Wulomo has officially nullified all attempts to destool Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse, Nii Okai Awua II a.k.a. Henry Nii AYIKUSHIE Addo.

In a letter signed by Gborbu Wulomo the Shintse of Nungua, he stated that as a Spiritual Overlord of the GaDangme State, he found it necessary to respond to a letter he received indicating the destoolment of Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse.

According to him, the supposed persons who planned the destoolment satisfied the traditional requirement by presenting 2 bottles of schnapps and cowries in addition to the said letter to him.

However, he noted that the decision to destool the Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse, left him (Gborbu Wulomo) “QUITE BUFFLED” in the view of the fact that Nii okai Awuah was enstooled as Dzaasetse of Abola Royal Stool and not appointed.

He said, “if I am correct, members of the Council of elders consulted the parents of the Dzaase before accepting to allow their son to assume the position. There are few questions to which I will need answers: Firstly, what informed the decision of the Council of Elders to revoke the installation or enstoolment of the aforementioned Dzaase? The modus operandi of the Council of Elders in issue of such magnitude is to summon the defendant to the Council for querrying so as to provide fair grounds for both parties. In this instance, was the Dzasetse and the parents summoned by the Council of Dzaasefoi? As the council of elders consulted the defendant’s parents to seek their approval before enstooling him, should it not have been in the right vein that the same people are consulted before he is asked to vacate his office? Was this criterion duly met?”

The Gboru Wulomo also indicated that they cannot continue to compound their problems in the Ga State as a people nut they will need to follow due process in resolving issues.

He averred that as customs and tradition of the GaDangme State personified, he asked that they resist from taking decisions that are not in consonance with tradition and customs and that the laid down process governing such issues should be followed duly and the decision to relieve Nii Okai Awuah II of his duties should be looked at again.

He stated categorically that as the Gborbu Wulomo he will continue to recognize and work with Nii Okai Awuah II a.k.a Mr. Henry Ayikushie Ado as Abola Royal Stoo Dzaase.

Gborbu Wulomo’s letter


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